AuLo – The Authentic Lock.

Driven by passion, designed by engineers.

Introducing an all new, one of a kind, Authentic Locking system. AuLo.

This is not just an app that locks your screen. With it’s unique profiling system, we have taken it to the next level.

World’s first lock screen that lets you unlock your phone using more than one pass code and then accordingly locks the apps that you want locked for that profile.

It’s a mobile locking and security facilitator.

It will ease you in managing and protecting the apps which you want to be locked and from whom you want them to be locked. With master code you use the device for yourself and with different profiles you can easily let others use your device without worrying about them using the apps that you do not want them to.


Simple and very easy to use.

Highly optimised for fast performance.

Manage the profiles at tap of a button.

Slick design.

Note :- Works best on stock Android.

Download from here:-

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He can’t read
He can’t write
What does he do
With his stupid might

Turning his head back                                                                                                         Looking through the walls
Waiting for miracle
Through the straight blank halls
Can’t say anything
In the day
So dream t of them
in the night

It’s hope that blooms everyday
It’s hope that new colors
Will give a way
It’s hope that one day
He too will
Live and Play.

The Sail

open sea awaits
the sun is up

there’s only one time
time floats
it can’t come back
and so is the boat

tides are high
tides are low
it depends how fast
you let the wheel go

winds may befriend
or betray

you’ve to chose the sail
the direction
the action
the mast points,
towards the other shore

the painted land
is what you dreamt

where you want
the sail to rest .